Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summertime Classic

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Ahhh...the birthday/pool party!  It's as American as apple pie.  Jane and I were invited to such an event last week and we were psyched and ready to go.

Family friendly bathing suit....check!
Age appropriate gift pried from Jane's hands with the recommendation that maybe Santa could get her something similar for Christmas....check!
One age appropriate gift placed in the status quo gift bag with accompanying burst of tissue paper....check! (yes, I'm a gift bag mom. I realize those moms that wrap get extra credit and those that wrap and include decorative craft ribbon win.  I'm okay living at the bottom of the ladder.)
Briefed on directions prior to departure...check! (I kinda "feel" my way through life so needless to say, I was 40 minutes late reaching the destination due to the aforementioned way of living.)
Red headed, fair skinned Jane sunscreened up daring any harmful ray to penetrate this protective barrier...check!
One speedy departure when realized that party is NEXT Saturday...NOT today.....yeah.

We'll see you NEXT Saturday, Rowan!  We just wanted to get a test run out of the way so as not to miss one second of real party time!