Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't you love getting inspired?

You know when you have those seasons where you are doing your best to just keep up and then all of a sudden something changes and you're motivated/inspired again.  Sometimes it's the weather, sometimes it's people, a piece of fabric you love, a magazine, someone's get the idea.

Well, I've returned to the season of inspiration.  My cousin Janet, who is my most dedicated blog viewer, is looking at plans for a new kitchen and she's been kind enough to let me in on the project.  Sure, it's a remote kind of involvement but I'll take it.  Next are my fabulous girls at work!  Kathy took me to her home this week and we just had the best time talking about wishes, plans, paint, rugs, wallpaper...all the things that make my heart sing.  Sarah and Anne have even been so kind to discuss the occasional design dilemma with me.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  HELLO, clients! (even if it's only in my mind)

Since visiting Kathy's house, I've been a little obsessed with all the ideas rolling around in my head. Let me tell you a little about her and then I'll show you what I'm thinking. She's a smart,  beautiful Southern woman who loves her family and loves her home.  She has a sharp sense of humor and never takes her self so seriously that she won't laugh at her own expense from time to time.  She wants a County Living look with an element of drama here and there.  She's not afraid of color but appreciates a home that flows easily from room to room. She's a lover of toile, birds, the hand made not the mass produced and fabric that tells a story.

So, when I left her house we decided we'd start with the bedroom and go from there. Since then, I've thought of nothing but her DINING ROOM!  What is the deal?  Anyway, take a look.

Below is a dining room that accomplishes drama but maintains enough rustic charm with the chandelier and antique (?) buffet that I think it would marry nicely with a more casual home.  Also, I love these gold accents with the white and grey incorporated in the framed collection.  As for the shot of lime on the table...gorge(ous)!

Another dark dining room with gold accents and a super glamorous light fixture.  The gray zebra print table cloth is awesome even though I'm not really a table cloth kind of girl.  Take that fabric and cover the cushions from the first picture and I'm listening. Even if you just used it as an accent on the back and did something solid on the front and bottom cushion...I'm flexible.

I saw these mirrors at Ballard's Backroom this afternoon and thought they would look great on a dark charcoal grey wall with the gold accent I'm loving so.  Also the mirror would keep the light reflecting and prevent the room from getting too dark.  Kathy also has a couple of fabric swatches that are ivory and quince (cross between lime and yellow) silk that would soften the room and add a fun pop of color just like the lime did in the first pic!

Just some ideas and with this dark charcoal already an element in her house (did I not mention that?) I think this has potential.

Anyway, just some good, clean decorating fun!  Welcome back, inspiration!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sucker for a "before and after"

It's been a while since I've lost myself in the "blogosphere" but it's so nice to go back when I have a chance.  I checked into Holly Mathis Interiors and she's just so good with giving before and after photos, paint colors and where to get them, little tricks of the trade and presenting it all in such an obtainable way.

I think we would get along well.

Just wanted to give you her link and encourage you to take a second and see some of the stuff she's done.  TBW is out of town this weekend and I might just have to paint something......

image via Holly Mathis Interiors

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to reality.....

Why does there have to be a post vacation time of mourning?  Okay, that's extreme but we have just gotten back from the beach and it has taken a good 48 hours to snap out of the "I wish I was still at the beach" mode.

It was beautiful weather and time with family is always good.  My brother-in-law, Adam, deserves a do over because of back issues that had him bed ridden most of the week but he's a trooper and felt well enough the last couple of days that he actually made it to the beach a couple of times.

As you are aware, Rosemary Beach is my decorating everything. Gas burning lanterns, natural materials, light colors,  all put together to create sophisticated and comfortable.

I took pics of the house we had this year and it was wonderful! I'd rent again in a heartbeat!  Have a look and escape to the beach for a second or two.

Entrance from the street

Walk to the back entrance of the house

Private pool

10 foot doors with gas lanterns....LOVE!

one of two master bedrooms-muted palette

Upstairs living area with adjoining dinning room

Day at the beach

Dusk at the beach....ahhhhhhh.

We rented through and the owner is Terri Johnson. She couldn't have been any easier to work with and her staff made sure we had everything we needed during our stay.  Even a recommendation for urgent care!  Thanks, Carson.

For the record, it is for sale.  Anybody want to guess the price?  

Have a great night, all!