Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to reality.....

Why does there have to be a post vacation time of mourning?  Okay, that's extreme but we have just gotten back from the beach and it has taken a good 48 hours to snap out of the "I wish I was still at the beach" mode.

It was beautiful weather and time with family is always good.  My brother-in-law, Adam, deserves a do over because of back issues that had him bed ridden most of the week but he's a trooper and felt well enough the last couple of days that he actually made it to the beach a couple of times.

As you are aware, Rosemary Beach is my decorating everything. Gas burning lanterns, natural materials, light colors,  all put together to create sophisticated and comfortable.

I took pics of the house we had this year and it was wonderful! I'd rent again in a heartbeat!  Have a look and escape to the beach for a second or two.

Entrance from the street

Walk to the back entrance of the house

Private pool

10 foot doors with gas lanterns....LOVE!

one of two master bedrooms-muted palette

Upstairs living area with adjoining dinning room

Day at the beach

Dusk at the beach....ahhhhhhh.

We rented through and the owner is Terri Johnson. She couldn't have been any easier to work with and her staff made sure we had everything we needed during our stay.  Even a recommendation for urgent care!  Thanks, Carson.

For the record, it is for sale.  Anybody want to guess the price?  

Have a great night, all!

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