Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not your typical Sunday morning sermon....

The New Rules for Sex, Love and Dating is the new series starting Sunday (11am and 6pm eastern). In trying to find an image to put on the blog I found out that Andy went on a very popular radio show, The Bert Show, in Atlanta to do some field research. This is big. I'm actually listening to it now and you can listen here if you're so inclined.  I was nervous for Andy, I'm not gonna lie but turns out that Bert, the show's lead, goes to Andy's church in Buckhead.  So I put my guard down, slightly.  No doubt it's going to be relevant and insightful!

"No appetite is ever fully satisfied." "You grow an appetite by feeding it."-Andy Stanley (listen to the second interview and you'll see what this is about.)

On a side note, I know since Wednesday,  there are so many that are living a reality that is so unfamiliar to them.  The tornadoes that ripped through the South this week were no doubt life changing.  However, no one perseveres through a nightmare the way a Southerner does with a great sense of gratitude in a time when thankfulness would seem the hardest to muster and with a heart felt respect and reliance on our Heavenly Father to lead them through the unfathomable. There's something to be said for the humility and quiet peace that's exhibited by some of those who have lost the most.  It provides a certain level of awareness that keeps the rest of us grounded and appreciative of even the smallest things.

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Here's hoping you all spend some time this weekend with the people you love and appreciating the most mundane and routine aspects of your life.  It's often the everyday that is most precious.

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