Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fire Alarm, Shmire Alarm

More of God's glory!

So the Bread Winner, Jane and I pull up to the church this morning and there's no one there. Okay, there were people there but probably a quarter of the number of cars in the parking lot as there would normally be. First thought is: good parking, second thought: do this many people really go out of town for Thanksgiving? and third thought: maybe they should reconsider even having services the Sunday after Thanksgiving.   Well, turns out the fire alarm went off mid way through the 9am service and they had to clear the building.  As for those of us showing up for 11, game on and I'm glad it was. Andy spoke on gratitude and it was awesome. As soon as it's available online I'll pass it along. 

This week, I want to recommend "Traded" which is a message in the Game Plan series.  So good. I should actually listen to it again, which tends to be the case with all of these messages.  Don't forget, you can also tune in here for the full service at 6pm (eastern).  Hope you enjoy!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is prepared for the next stop on this holiday train: Christmas!

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