Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, I've got my first client...

Okay, so "client" may be a little misleading but in MY head, that's what this is.  My neighbor is asking for new bedding for their master bedroom as her Christmas gift.  First, this idea is genius.  Second, I think we all read between the lines and heard her clearly say, "Beth, it would be great if you could help me out."  Fortunately, we're good enough friends that she'll go along with this little masquerade but will feel free to make her own decisions when the time comes. She might even let me believe that something I said lead her in the right direction.  She's an attorney, she can be very convincing.  I'm okay with that. 
She mentioned this bedding from Pottery Barn. (what exactly did we do before PB?):

Painterly Paisley 400-Thread Count Sham, Euro, Sandalwood

However, upon further review, the only thing available in this pattern are Euro shams.  Trouble?  Not necessarily.  The euro shams could be used as our jumping off point and then find the right coverlet/quilt (white's always right in my book), duvet cover and maybe an accent that would tie the duvet and euros together...whamo, bedding done! If in doubt, purchase with the option of return.  Seriously, we could order these, decide if they're worth the trouble and then if so, take them to the streets to hunt for the right ensemble cast. Also, the price on these may be too good to pass up. Heck, I may need to buy them for her and then if she's not feeling it, keep them for myself.  No harm, no foul.

Have a good hump day and let me know if you've got any good bedding sites I can visit. You know, for my client and all.

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  1. All over it!! I even went to the website to check, as I, too, am in need of a new set. Alas, the duvet cover is GONE! Did you get there in time? Hope so......... I'll be trolling for bedding sites :)