Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few things....

I've been thinking a lot about the sermon Andy gave a few weeks back called, I Owe Who.  The idea was to encourage people to express their gratitude and not just think it, feel it, put it on your list of things to do, etc. 
I'm going to try to find someone to thank, sincerely, every day.  We'll see how this goes. Today's thank you went to the UPS man who nearly injured himself trying to deliver a package up our icy drive way. Not one expletive. That's professionalism.

Next, did I mention I saw Patsy at church Sunday.  Patsy was the nanny for Tori Spelling on their reality show, Home Sweet Hollywood. Is it weird that I recognized her?  Is it weirder that I confronted her?  Well, I did and she was delightful. Yes, I watch this show.

Jane rocked herself, via rocking chair, INTO the Christmas tree tonight. Seems she became enamored with her reflection in one of the ornaments and turned her chair over and face planted into the tree. She was motionless at first which is always a little scary but when I pulled her out of the limbs, literally, and brushed the pine needles off her face I couldn't help but laugh. She eventually thought it was funny, too.

a pic from last year but all the same players in last night's incident

Also, I was involved in the toy drive at Jane's school this year and Wednesday we had the chance to drop off two carloads of toys to the "Santa Shop" affiliated with North Fulton Community Charities. Jane went with me and let me tell you, we'll do this again next year. It's a pretty cool moment when you see your 3 year old take toys into a facility with the understanding that we're giving toys to "kids" who don't have any. She thought she was a big girl and I thought she was too.
Last but not least, the Bread Winner has been down with the flu the last couple of days but he's back and I'm grateful. I would be a terrible nurse.  Here's to hoping you're a better nurse than me, Liesl. Hope those cute boys are feeling better fast.

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  1. Beth - you know me too well (your friendly neighborhood!) Glad to read Greg is feeling better. The boys are 100% on the mend and we are enjoying a day in pjs! Thank you for your thoughts. By the way, like the UPS man, our mailman is really the tops!!