Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm so doing this...

I mean, not any time in the immediate future but at some point. I LOVE the conversation grouping vs the standard sofa/chair ensemble.  In our house we have two rooms that adjoin and both have sofas.  What I'd love to do is remove the old, replace with the "newer" and then create a conversational grouping of seriously comfortable chairs to go in front of the fire place.  Great, right?

Sarah Richardson has her version below. I'd replace the table with an ottoman but you get the idea. Just love this:


  1. love this idea. I still remember an old issue of cottage living where something like this was featured. Still so inspiring years later.

  2. I'll take it! So inviting. Nice bottle of wine and we could talk for hours........ There's also a big stone fireplace in my dream version :)