Monday, January 17, 2011

Vote #9

Mrs. Adam McIntosh

My sister, Lindsey, got married to a great guy, Adam, last May in Florida.  Well, their photographer is asking people to vote on their favorite wedding picture fron 2010 and Lindsey and Adam made the list....#9.

Well, I've already voted but I voted for #10. What? Just because she's my sister I'm supposed to overlook the competition?  Of course I should...that vote was an accident!  I meant to say #9, #9!!!

So, if someone would go here and leave a comment voting for #9 it would at least void my incorrect vote. She's taking votes until Friday, 1/21 and she's asking you only vote once. If they win, they get a free 20x24 which I'm sure the newlyweds would greatly appreciate.

Thanks, all.  Go Lindsey and Adam!

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