Saturday, February 26, 2011

Careful what you "dig"

Remember this post?

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors Acrylic-Strap Chronograph Watch

This was one of two watches I was "digging".  And in honesty, the one I liked the most.

Well, my birthday was this week and guess who got an awesome, cool watch?  That's!  TBW comes through again.  He had been out of town for over a week, Jane was creating chaos at school and I was just ready to get my reinforcement home!  Well, TBW knew it had been a long few days and made sure my birthday was a huge success and it was.

The only dilemma.....when I put my awesome, cool watch on:

I started to feel like I was channeling:

No offense, Flav.

BW, it's the thought that counts and once again you came through in a big way.   Love you.

For those of you wondering what will come of the watch....I'll be trying on some other options today and making an exchange for something a little more subtle.  The take away: not all rocking looks are meant to be rocked by everyone regardless of "digability".

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