Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remember that 4 hour Sunday afternoon drive?

No?  Well, I do and I just had to post the houses that made my heart sing. I'm like a mother when it comes to these houses. I love them all so picking my favorite would be impossible.  Okay, it's the last one but I'd happily take any of them as I think they are great in so many ways! 

House #1
What you can't really tell is that they have an arbor/trellis/an outdoor thingy connecting the side of the main house to the side of their garage that extends beyond their smaller, secondary porch.  Have I mentioned I could do that?  Just saying.

The drive into dream home #2 and #3.
The next two houses are in an area of Milton called North Valley.  One word: wow.  

House #2

And the winner is....House #3!
I told Patti as we were driving around, "we're not moving, just improving."  I came up with that all by myself.  Anyway, the take away is replace the roof with cedar shakes, paint the exterior white, go with classic black shutters and find just the right place for the American flag.  Done!

Here's to dreaming!

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