Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow...long time, no post.

MIA, I know.  Not sure exactly where I've been but I'm sure I was busy.

Hope everyone is well and feeling inspired by something.  Or, if not inspired, content with life as they know it.  As for myself, the wheels are always turning as for new things to be done in the home like buy a new sofa, finish painting the trim I've threatened for 3 years, paint the garage any color but white, etc. however I can say with great satisfaction, the waiting game is not bothering me.

Lately, I've found much gratification in the blue cone flowers blooming on my back patio and in appreciating them, I've found a few other things to peacefully enjoy.

For instance, we have a great patio that for the first time in four years is in full bloom.  I don't know how many of you have visited a nursery lately but flowers and plants in general are expensive.  So, looking at it now as the flowers I've transplanted, purchased or been gifted gradually take their turn showing off, I'm just proud.

In their bloom, I've realized we have quite a little haven just steps out of our back door.  A small stacked stone waterfall compliments of the previous owner and several raised flower beds that make showcasing flowers a cinch have made for an oasis that's easy on the eyes.

I had coffee out here a few days ago and usually, outdoor coffee is something I only do on vacation but as I sat here and watched the sun come up and highlight each leaf and tree in its path, I realized that my outdoors is worth relishing.

It's the perfect place for my quiet time as Jane is usually preoccupied with something on Sprout, our latest pre-schooler addiction, and with the birds chirping and the air still a couple of hours before reaching an unpleasant temperature I'm taking on a whole new appreciation for our little slice of suburban heaven.

God is good as is this life.  Here's to your little slice of heaven right where you are.

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