Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I doing this?

There's something you should know about me before you go any further. Nothing originating from my kitchen has ever been photogenic enough to score its own picture, my adorable 3 yr old daughter does not have a baby book, the beautiful black and white candids from my wedding are still in the fed ex envelope from 13 years ago and starting this blog makes me a little anxious. But as the bread winner in this house just pointed out, "nothing's ever gonna happen if you don't do anything." So here goes anything.

Ever since becoming obsessed with the Eddie Ross blog and then discovering Isabella and Max and then VT Interiors and then Haven and get the idea, I've been satisfying my appetite for before and afters, trying to better identify my decorating style and frankly taking comfort in knowing I'm not the only one a little consumed in all things home and family.

This is what I hope to bring to you, a real life account of decorating on a non existent budget(did I mention I'm a stay at home mom), an occasional peak at the not so plain Jane in my life (our curly red head who has a passion for goldfish and her stuffed animal, Puppy)and the art of suggestion( do you smell that? I think it's the particle board from the bathroom vanity....I know where we could get a great piece that would solve that problem).

So, let's get to know each other. I'll give you a tour of our home and then you can decide if I have a future in the decorating/design blogosphere. Thanks for stopping. I'm excited to see where this takes us.


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  1. Oh I am so incredibly excited for your journey!! Thanks for inviting me along :)