Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beachy keen

In late spring, the bread winner, Jane and I meet my family at Rosemary Beach for a pre-summer vacay. Did you know it's possible to have low humidity at the beach? As a girl with naturally curly hair, this is worth noting. The entire property is fantastic. Shaded boardwalks, mesmerizing architecture, the soft glow of gas lanterns at night and did I mention the beach?  Simply beautiful.

Outdoor dining area behind fountain
We have rented a couple of houses but our favorite is Villa Belize. It's on the beach side of 30A and its convenience to the beach and the pool (1 of 4, I think?) is perfect when vacationing with a little one.Master bedroom with queen bed

View toward water from balcony
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The entire property is full of well appointed homes and walking the grounds during the day is certainly fun, but the real thrill is at night when you occasionally get a peak at the beautiful interiors. Does that make me a boarder line stalker? 

This is another home, Sharp's cottage, that I think is lovely.

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I heart these white walls and ebony floors. The furnishings are beautiful. Dark wood accents and a mixture of white and sand colored upholstery. Of course, what beach home would be complete without a hit of blue somewhere? Love it, love it.  Oh, and how could I forget those lighting fixtures and  floor to ceiling doors/windows? Just lovely. I've never stayed in this home but maybe one day....That's the beauty of the rental, it's fun to pretend for a week and I would have a great time pretending in this house.

For more information on Sharp's cottage click here and if you book it, let me know how it lives.

Have a nice night, everyone.

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