Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cailou, we're going to have to start seeing other people.


I think it's time we start seeing other people.  I'm surprised to be saying this too but as of this morning, I've officially erased all your episodes and canceled your series on our DVR.  You see, Cailou, Jane is very impressionable at the age of 3 and some of your show's content becomes real life episodes for us.

Today she's been complaining that her tummy's hurting but aside from the random mention, there's nothing else that would seem to make this statment true. I can't help but question if this has something to do with YOUR stomach hurting as detailed on your show this past week.  She's also anxious for snow and asks often when this will happen. We live in Georgia. We'll be lucky to get snow once, if at all.  We've also had complaints of a sore throat and just yesterday she showed me her tooth, explaining it was loose.  These ideas would only come from you.

I know I'm not without fault. I often abused our relationship and allowed Jane to watch more times that any parent would recommend.  For this I apologize but I ultimately have to do what's right for my daughter. As for now, George and Clifford seem to be meeting her entertainment needs but trust that I will do better to limit her intake.  As we all know, everything in moderation.

Thank you for the hours of enjoyment and for understanding our situation. Take care of yourself and here's to looking at the sunnier side of life.

Beth Jacquin
Jane's Mom

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  1. So with you on that one. Caillou got the ax early at our house. He's a complainer and I don't DO complainers......well, at least not all the time :) George and Clifford will provide hours of entertainment.........although you'll have to watch Jetta--she's kind of a snotty little brat. I'm just sayin'. If only life were this easy. Enjoy cutting the negatives out of Miss Jane's life as long as you can!!