Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Church, Church, Church...Never enough time to play in the sunshine."

My dad is the 3rd one from the left.

This is a quote from my father when he was a child. Evidently my grandmother was attempting to get him and his 3 older siblings ready one Sunday morning for church and his response to her was the above statement.

Church is a big deal for me as I was raised in a house where my mother was the pianist and my dad was a deacon and member of the choir. Both are still playing and singing as we speak. I just don't know how to do Sunday any other way and I'm thankful for that.

The links I'm posting are for Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, Ga. This is the church we're blessed to be able to attend.  Andy Stanley is the lead pastor and if you haven't heard him speak before, now's your chance. If you check out these links, you'll see this isn't your typical church service.  It's a blessing to me and I'd love for it to be a blessing to you. If your interested in checking out previous messages, those are here.  If you'd like to experience it in real time go here and see when the next live service is being "streamed". (I have no idea if  I used that terminology correct)

Off to "church, church, church."

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  1. Well, now I can post :) Love the carefree redhead!! And, I can't tell you how many times in my childhood I heard my mother quote her twin :)

    Maddie has me checking your blog multiple times a day to see if the pink walls are posted. She may be more excited about them than you!! I think I see pink walls in her future :)