Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're making it our own....with PINK!

Ever since we moved into our home over 3 years ago, the color of Jane's room left me slightly unfulfilled.  Depending on the time of day (and my mood) I would think it was just right or just wrong.  It was never repainted when we moved in (nothing was painted, this has been a slow process of making this house our home) and because it went so nicely with Jane's crib bedding, it stayed.

Well, when I posted the pics of our house a few days ago, I wasn't impressed.  I think "flat" might have been the word I used to describe her room. 

So for a couple of reasons, which I'll go into later, I've decided to put the official Jacquin stamp on this room too. We're painting and when I say "we" that has nothing to do with the bread winner.  The green that has engulfed that room since day one is now being traded out for a much softer pink, Behr's Victorian Pearl, to be exact. Jessica at Home Depot was great in helping me determine the tan pinks from the purple pinks and I'm pretty excited about where this is going.

And yes, Jane prefers painting in her panties.  It's like a painting panties party. Say that 3 times fast.  Have a good night, Janet and Joy!


  1. Loving that Janie girl painting in her panties. Can't wait to see the outcome!! You do realize, however, that by allowing Janie girl to paint with you, you are creating another designer?? :) Big fun for the breadwinner :)

    Love to all. Thanks for the daily peek into your lives. BTW. Marge is looking but couldn't figure out how to post. Will tutor her. In the meantime, HI from Marge :)

  2. BethAnn!!! I found you!!! Not really, Janet told me where you were! haaaaaaaaa

    Your house is beautiful and that baby girl....she is a beauty!!!!

    Welcome to the land of blog! As a seasoned blogger(4 years??), I have to tell you I think you will love it. Mine has turned into my scrapbook...please hop on over and check out my Macie JANE! I have tried to get Janet on board but she SUCKS!!! :)

    Anywaaaayyy! I love your blog and I am excited to follow along :)

    Janet's Jill

  3. Now, Jill. Where's my love? Bloggy land should be full of love. Love me!! Seriously.....I tried to blog, but nobody ever read it, so I gave up. Beth--you must check out Jill's will fall in love with her family :)

  4. As Janet would say, "G-eeel!" I will be checking out your blog TONIGHT! If we could get one more person to comment whose name starts with "J" we'll be making some head way! Jill, so glad you're on board. Can't wait to meet Macie Jane. much love.