Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping it Fresh!

The bread winner just asked, "do you have to blog everyday?" To that I replied, "yes."  I figure, I need to have enough on this little blog to make it worth your while (is THAT the saying??).  Not to mention, I've got a couple of things I want to show you.  Also, I went to and saw Isabella's room and become totally inspired to revamp Jane's space. We'll get to that later.  If you haven't gone to, I recommend you go as soon as you finish reading this.  Janell is gooood. 

So, back to Plain Jane. Our girl goes to pre-school a few mornings a week and while she's having a blast with Ms. Gomery (Ms. Montgomery) I'm going to the local haunts to see if there are any deals out there I can't afford to ignore. The local haunts include Home Goods and TJ Maxx and then we have some of the best consignment stores around and they're always good for deals on antiques, rugs, art, etc. I'll take you on a tour of some of these in future posts.

Well, as most of you are aware HG and TJ are hit and miss and lately, they've been a miss based on my personal home whish list.  Well, not this week. Wait till you see what I scored.  You know I mentioned lamps for behind the sofa in the living room?

Taaah Daaahh:

So good, right? You don't even know the half of it. $45 for the pair! Turns out one of the bases was damaged which meant the price of $24.99 went to $20.00 with the option to return it for a full refund if I wasn't satisfied.

  Well, with some help from my friends:

This tube is a putty of some type that I bought a couples of years ago to fix a crack in our bathroom. It's become my go to filler for everything. I putty nail holes and now I fix lamps with it. Rubbed this into the crack and colored it in with black marks-a-lot...done! You can't see it, seriously.

Can we see the finished product one more time?

I do love the glow of a soft lamp light! Thanks Home Goods!  Thoughts, Janet?

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  1. Love the lamps. Love the price. Love the ambiance. Putty + magic marker = pure design magic!! Been stalking your blog this evening. Thanks for the post :)