Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas memories

Boring, I know, but just look at this picture.

This was Christmas at Gram's. She would have all 10 of her grandchildren (this was before my sister made 11) over to her house for Christmas and it was awesome .  Yes, that's me in the bottom left sporting the sweet stripes and that's my cousin, Janet, next to me in the sweater vest. Oh, the sweater vest. Joy is another blog follower and she's the cute little one sitting in Gram's lap.

It's funny as I'm reliving these times with my grandmother it's spurring some interesting
questions. Janet or Joy, little help?

I remember specifically sitting in her den singing Christmas carols. Was this a regular occurrence or a fluke?
I remember loading into her Cadillac to see Christmas lights. Did all 10 of us fit in one car?
I remember bottle rockets. Who in the heck brought those?
I remember making divinty candy and the only instructions were not to ruin her cookware. Did we do this alone?
10 kids to 1 grandmother. What were our parents thinking letting her do this?

No wonder she looks so tired in this picture. She's probably telling herself that within 48 hours it will all be over and she doesn't have to do it again for another year. That's what I'd be doing!

Good times.

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  1. God love Grambo. All I know for sure is that we did all pile in one car. As I recall though, many times Lucas and Mack didn't get there as quickly as the rest of us since they were far away. And, as the years went by, I remember Laura and Wendy coming later, too, as they had "teenager commitments" :)

    I'm guessing that right after this picture, she deadbolted herself in her room and told us to go to sleep when we were tired. I don't recall anyone getting to sleep in her bed when we were all there. I remember her going to sleep while we were all still's a wonder we didn't burn down the house.......especially if we were cooking divinity and shooting bottle rockets!!