Thursday, December 2, 2010


We're all familiar with Merry Christmas but very few have heard of her lesser known cousin, Skeptical.

May your shopping be a reminder that it's a blessing to give to those you love,
May your tree trimming and hall decking spark warm memories from Christmases past,
May the little ones in your life remind you that innocent anticipation and excitement still exists,
And may the love God showed us that first Christmas, by sending His son, be the catalyst for us to look for those in need, act courageously and  pray that His love is shown through us.

This is actually pretty good.(don't worry, I'll try not to hurt myself while patting my own back) I'll need to read this daily between now and December 25th as I tend to over analyze just about everything during this time of year. Breathe, breathe.

Here's to a Merry Christmas season, everyone.

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