Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the season...not THAT season.

Well, it's that time of year again and no, I'm not talking about the season of giving or the Christmas season. I'm referring to a more personal season. A season experienced by families across the globe. A season that adds at least a dozen gray hairs to every mother out there who's trying to make it different this year. The season I'm referring to is the Christmas card season and inherent to this season is the age old question: "Do I sacrifice the GREAT* shot of myself for the more favorable shot of others?"  Why?!  Why?! does it ALWAYS have to be this way!

Our neighbor, Maura Roberts of, took some great pictures a couple of weeks ago of the three of us. The only catch is that Jane's lack of enthusiasm for the "shoot" is written all over her strained smirk that is to be found in nearly EVER picture. Sorry for so many caps in the post. I'm not yelling, just emphasizing.

Mom: Good
Dad: Good
Jane: Smirky

Mom: A little toothy
Dad: underutilized
Jane: Absolutely adorable

Take "smirky" and exchange for "absolutely adorable", we've got the perfect storm...... or should I say season?

Oh, the dilemma.

Isn't it a blessed life if this is the extent of my stress?  Thank you, God. And thank you, Maura for taking these for us. Upon further review, we have a winner even without any photo shopping! We opted for pouty instead of smirky.

Happy Christmas card season, everyone!

*no visible circles under the eyes, hair is "fixed" and makeup consists of slightly more than lip gloss and moisturizer, wardrobe is something other than black stretchy pants with a roomy shirt and any sign of stress brought on by the shoot is a distant memory.


  1. Maybe I'm just easy, but I love both of the pics!! :) Did I mention that in putting our cards together, we didn't have ONE pic of the four of us in 2010?? Bad. Much love to you and yours :)

  2. All 3 of ya are(in the words of my new orleans grandmother) GAW-JUS!

    I love both pics!

    Merry Christmascard Season!

  3. Both are really good - really! Mine must be on the way. Can't wait to get it!