Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreath Party! Don't judge, we had a blast.

Magnolia wreaths: so southern, so pretty, so expensive. Thanks to my neighbor, Patti, these little jewels are no longer so unobtainable. Not only did she show me how to make one but last week we had a little gathering of friends/neighbors and she helped all of us create a wreath that managed to be a really nice representative of our tastes and style.

Here's the basic wreath construction:

Leaves, florist pins and ribbon for the bow,

an oasis wreath form,

bundle 3 leaves and attach to the form,

keep going,

attach bow with florist wire and DONE!
Below are pics from the BYOF (bring your own foliage) party:

 And now for the parade of doors:

Naturally Beautiful Maura

Zest for Life Liesl

Always Classy Amanda

Gorgeous and Indulgent Patti
Next year, when ordering your wreath you can simply ask for the Beautiful, the Zesty, the Classy or the Gorgeous!  Ladies, we may have found our creative calling!  Wreaths....who knew?


  1. Love the wreaths!! Almost bought a house with two big magnolia trees in the yard.....but I didn't. Guess I'll be ordering from you, instead :)

  2. Love it!! We had the best time and learned so much. The best part - as my magnolia wreath inside is starting to curl, I can just go back outside and pick more leaves. What shall our next craft be?? :)