Monday, January 3, 2011

Been seeing a lot of this and I'm thinking......

Do I dare take the plunge into something a little more "modern". Audible gasp...I heard it. But before you think I'm turning my back on the traditional and classic, just look at this.

maybe some modern/utilitarian type chairs for an office

well balanced room of a little modern, a little traditional.....

So, as the first of the year lingers and I become a little obsessed with the state of disorganization in my home, maybe it's time to give this part of my home/life some attention:

what? not inspired? did you SEE my calendar?
Put the chair above back in my dining room where it belongs and add the  round chair below:

Emu ER465 - Round Chair
image provided by

I'm starting to feel a little inspired. The chair comes in red, too. No, no, you're right, white or warm grey. I was getting a little ahead of myself. Baby steps.

Here's wishing you all an inspired, organized 2011!

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