Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't you just love a deal?!

Southern Comforts, not to be confused with Southern Comfort, is a jewel!  This is a local chain of consignment stores that has just added another branch a stone's throw from our house. This paired with a new car that allows for easy transport of large pieces of furniture may be my demise in 2011.

Stopped by today, looking for Maura's rug.  Didn't have much luck on the rug front but had to share some of the finds that are just begging to be taken home, reupholstered, re-purposed.  Here we go:

sanded, painted, in just the right $49.50 you ever spent.

great arms, great legs...179.50 and they have 2!
(red head sold separately)

Horrible upholstery, yes but for $145.50, start over!

$49.50, I think... perfect at the side of a chair for your book and glass!

They have two of these as well, $39.50.  I can see something like this
in a bathroom with rolled towels sitting on

camel back sofa....wait for it....$299.50 and knock another 10% off
because it's been there a month!

miniature wing back and ottoman....$99.50. Reupholstered in white with
pink piping, perfect for Jane's room!
Thanks, Southern Comforts for coming to our neck of the woods. Sorry, Bread Winner...this might end up costing us.


  1. So, what did you wind up with?? Tell, tell. Love it all. Just bought my own table and chairs via craigslist for $50. Let's just say that a paint and upholstery project will be our task next week! :)

  2. ok, let's make a date and go!! i want that little chair if you didn't buy it already!

  3. first come, first serve! They are all for the taking! Which little chair are you talking about? the rustic wooden one? I'm ready to get started, too. let's talk this week.