Wednesday, January 5, 2011

".......and be respected to my mom."

As the world turns and 3.5 year olds across the planet continue to test their limits and expand their independence, I've found that things like: "Is that how we talk to momma?" or "that's not how we act" tends to be coming out of my mouth a lot.  Another phrase that has evidently caught on with Jane is:  "That's not being very respectful to momma." I know this has made an impression based on the pretend conversation she was having with her "daughter" this morning. I didn't get the full story but she was giving "Sweetie" an earful and finished it off with ".....and be respected to my mom." I'm pretty sure she was encouraging Sweetie to be respectful to her mom but sometimes what we mean and what we say doesn't always match up. I'd say she's on the right track though.  Looking good, Janey.

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