Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We were talking and she said.....

Janet and I were talking about the items I found at Southern Comforts and I was saying that I was thinking about purchasing these:

and eventually getting them reupholstered and letting them replace the parsons chairs in our living room.  Well, in the course of the conversation, she mentioned how good she thought the room would look with a shift of furniture. Sofa facing the fireplace, etc. Huh?  I'm sure in the moving in process we had tried this but I'm not sure now why it didn't work.  The wheels began to turn.....

Well, they turned and turned and after discussing it with the Bread Winner, who loved the idea as long as it would be a project requiring as little of his involvement as possible, Jane and I came up with the following:



Of note: the rug is new, a Christmas gift from the Bread Winner. Okay, okay...I picked it out and he paid for it but aren't we splitting hairs?  Also, the great leggy table in front of the fireplace is from Nettie and Big Daddy as well as the basket on the pew in front of our bay windows.  I knew the basket needed to be handled carefully since it's an antique (no, i didn't know that but Big Daddy says so and if anyone knows, it's him) so what better place to put my two orchids?! One pot was my first attempt to see if I could keep them alive, the second was a beautiful addition from Patti. Just fill around them with some moss, beuno! Last but not least, the lumbar pillows on the chairs are from HomeGoods and they were $16 for the pair. I couldn't talk myself out of the purchase.

To do: pillows, a house plant or two (fig tree, maybe), a basket to soften some of the bare spots and what about drapes????? I feel a project coming on.....

Have a good one, all.


  1. Okay. So, I LOVE the new layout. How does it feel in person?? I say go for the drapes. Love the unobstructed windows now, and that would "frame" them and make it soft and pretty. Maybe even move the pew?? Hard to tell from a pic. I just love the exposed windows, though. I know. I already mentioned that. But, I have a thing for windows :)

  2. i'm digging it too. great idea, janet!

  3. Hey - love the new layout. I wonder if one reason why you originally put the sofa in front of the window is b/c that is how Heather had it? I only went in the house once when they lived there, but I vaguely remember the living room set up like that. Love the new look!