Thursday, January 13, 2011

You guys remember Noah...

and the flooding of the earth from the Bible?  Well, I just couldn't stop myself.

Genesis 8:8-12
"Noah wanted to find out if the water had gone down, and he sent out a dove.  Deep water was still everywhere and the dove could not find a place to land.  So it flew back to the boat. Noah held out his hand and helped it back in.  Seven days later Noah sent the dove out again.  It returned in the evening holding in its beak a green leaf from an olive tree. Noah knew that the water was finally going down.  He waited seven more days before sending the dove out again and this time it did not return."

The Bread Winner just headed out for scuppee, aka: Starbucks.  If he returns with the proverbial chai tea latte.... I think you see where I'm going.  Drive safely, my little dove.

I think God appreciates those that don't take themselves too seriously. And for the record, this picture is from 2 days ago. Road conditions are much better thanks to the sun and rising temperatures.

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  1. so...did you get your starbucks? i think i was out when he was heading down the driveway. i'm heading out today - nothing can hold me back!