Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slowly but surely....

So things come together slowly around here but it eventually happens.  Jane's room is no exception.  The painting and addition of the beds from Nettie were big changes back in November.  I wanted to do more  but I had to wait until the budget was ready.

Well, when I was at market this January I worked in a showroom that represents several bedding lines, one of which is Pine Cone Hill.  There's a stripe pattern they have that I knew was perfect for Jane's room and I knew market would be the time to act.  Well, good things come to those who wait. Not only did I get a great price because I worked the show but because they were discontinuing the pattern....tack on an additional discount, please!

So check it out:


After paint and new beds

After the addition of another duvet and euros.

Close up of the new Pine Cone Hill euros.
Layering makes a difference.  It gives the room depth and interest and detail and that's what really attracts you to a room whether you know it or not.  Now all I'm deliberating is new carpet, some crown molding and you can stick a fork in it!  It's done!

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