Monday, March 21, 2011

ahhhhh, lighting

Lamps...they make an impact.  Don't believe me? 

Dual floor lamps-different and I like it.

Imagine this room without the lamps. Not even
the same. Impact.

Art Deco'ish lamps
Brass and black-handsome, classic
Unexpected color in a traditional space
Check out these links here, here, here and here for table lamps that might need to impact your home.  For the full selection try this.

images by Google Images via HouseBeautiful, Coastal Living and the following blogs: Adobe Love, The Old Post Road, A Home in the Making.


  1. Lamp question: In a bedroom, flanking a bed, do they have to match? I love symmetry, but NOTHING in this house is symmetrical. And the bedroom is an especially asymmetrical shape :)

  2. I say no but i'll confirm with my "images" and give you some visual proof. (if there is visual proof....)