Sunday, March 20, 2011

Didn't see it but....

heard the service today at church was awesome.  All I heard was:  P.O.W., shark attack and forgiveness. I could have my wires terribly crossed but I'll be tuning in here at 6:00 just to see.  Just FYI: series is called Life Apps and last week was really good too!  Go here to listen.

Our Sunday has been super busy but in wonderful ways.  Jane spent all morning playing with new and old friends at church and learning that Jesus wants to be her friend forever. I spent it with amazing volunteers who take great care of the Kindergarteners that come through our doors every Sunday and truly treat these kids like they are their own! After church,  Jane went to Ella Bea's birthday party and spent a couple of hours relishing being a little girl and tonight we top it all off with TBW coming home!

God is good.

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