Saturday, March 5, 2011

I fancy myself a visionary....

Okay, true enough, a real visionary would have seen this coming but if I WAS a visionary TBW informs me I'd be in good company.

Seems Bid Daddy also fancies himself a visionary, a fashion visionary that is.  Greg tells me that BD was styling Timberlands long before Hip Hop personalities could even tie their shoes (or not).

He also credits himself responsible for the resurgence of the turtleneck back in the 90's

and making moonboots a staple in the 80's (if raised in the south, just move past the moonboot

For all of these iconic fashion statements, Big Daddy, we say, "hats off!"

Now, back to me.  During my last outing to the fabric store I cut a swatch of this

 with plans to bring the dark hole

oh, my. this room needs attention, STAT!

back to the light.

Well, well, well.  Seems Ballard Designs also thought this fabric was a keeper and they're using it as one of their "go to" fabrics for pillows and upholstery in the new spring catalog.

Felicity Spa Fabric By The Yard
Felicity Spa Fabric

Ballard Perfect Accent Pillows
Actual fabric not included in pic but these are the pillows they'll cover.

Oh, Ballard, thank you for making my life easier.  No buying fabric, no finding someone to sew pillows, no deliberation between the 22" and the 26" square, no search for pillow inserts....just one call, that's all.

To all of the visionaries out there, have a good one and thanks for all you do! : )

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