Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween in the burbs...

When you grow up in rural Louisiana, trick or treating usually means getting in your parents car, driving to both sets of grandparents' houses, sometimes rating a gift vs candy and then returning home just praying at least one person will ring your doorbell for candy.  Okay, so maybe this wasn't the case for everyone but this was my reality.

Fortunately for Jane this is not what her father, TBW, thinks of when he prepares for Halloween.  Tonight the talented Mr. TBW free handed some pretty frightful looking jack-o-lanterns and lit them up for all the neighborhood to see.

As for costumes, Jane has decided to go as Barbie.  This is simply code for getting to dress up in a hot pink dress that is frankly a hot mess and accessorizing like there's no tomorrow.  As for TBW, he'll be   going as Ken of course.  And while these two are out hitting the streets, I'll be entertaining back home all those that care to stop by for a treat.  

A trick would require far too much preparation.

Have a safe Halloween, all!

one last shot of the happy Halloween duo!

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