Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starbucks has got my back.....

We're a Starbucks family.

Part of TBW's routine is to stop by Starbucks in the evenings for his grande Americano in a vente cup, double cupped, 5 splendas, extra half and half and my tall Mocha Frappuchino light.  (Please note the complexity and simplicity of these orders.  I think this is telling.) Well, the last two nights I've requested a Chai Tea Latte  and apparently, Starbucks is becoming a little suspicious. Evidently no one's actually said anything but TBW has noted the hesitation with the order.  I'll probably do a drive thru latte order tomorrow just to reassure the SB crew that the Jacquins are fine. Seriously, no worries necessary until he stops ordering the second drink all together. That's a true sign of trouble.

Thanks Jason and crew for having my back but don't worry, that latte's for me.  : )

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