Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm mixing things up.....

And by "things" I'm talking about the look of the blog.  I felt like I'd been gone so long that it was time to update things.  It's been about a year since I started this journal and truthfully even though I haven't posted in a while there's something about knowing it's still there that's comforting.  Is that weird?  Blog=Comfort?

Either way, I hope I can get back to this more regularly.  There are things going on around her that sometimes get me a little frazzled.  So many projects I want to accomplish and between time and budget, very few are getting done. I keep moving the same two rugs around the house hoping I'll get inspired to give them a permanent home only to move them again a week later.  That's a true story.

On a side note, is anyone else finding the J Lo/FIAT commercial a little hard to follow?   I mean, she looks great, don't get me wrong but I think the connection between the two is reaching.....AT BEST! Check it out here to decide for yourself.

Things coming in future blogs....we're getting a new cabinet made for our downstairs bathroom, I've gotten rid of the green sofa and wait till you see the replacement and I've made use of some natural goodies to spruce up the house for fall as well as an apple cake recipe I've now made twice and easily consumed 75% of between the TWO. I'm not proud of it, okay.

Have a great week everyone and by "everyone" I mean those I send these posts to automatically. No permission asked. Thanks...; )

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  1. So glad you're back :) And, I agree. I'm not feeling the connection with JLO, either.