Friday, December 10, 2010

Come on in, just watch the cedar.

Oh, the front door!  It's my favorite part of decorating the house. Yes, even more than the tree.  And I love being able to add the "fresh" element to the door including magnolia leaves and cedar branches.  You put enough of this in an artificial garland and people will swear it's real.

This is a true story, when we lived in Atlanta, I would stalk people's homes on my ride to work and then imagine the home owner's reaction if I ever got the nerve to go up to the door and ask if they would spare a spray of magnolia leaves. Is that weird?  It's true, weird or not.

So, now I have my own magnolia tree and it's been more than generous this Christmas season. Here we go:

Wreath, (I'll show you how I made this on Monday)

artificial garland,

fill in with cedar, magnolia branches and white lights,

find something bright from the yard  to complete the total package and

tah dah!

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