Saturday, December 25, 2010

Folks, Folks, Merry Christmas!

I really think I'm about to sit down and watch Christmas Vacation. Nothing says Christmas the way that movie does! Clark Griswold doing a family get together like no other.

We have had a BEAUTIFUL, snowy Christmas. Evidently the first one in a century for Atlanta. It's been snowing all day. No kidding. Just awesome. Nettie and Big Daddy are here spending it with us and between the fire going from morning till night, Christmas carols playing continuously, gifts so thoughtful and's really been a day that will be imprinted in my memory forever.

Here's a few shots from the last 24 hours. Hope you're all staying warm and are enjoying being with your family.  We are here.

Cookies for Santa and a little "ham" on the side.....

The initial reaction was surprise that turned into her hiding her face
and saying, "I cannot like Santa."

She warmed up with news of a skateboard under the tree.

New play doh was a hit.

With a new basket from Santa on the front of her bike,
she spent most of the afternoon riding it through the house.
We'll be wrapping this new activity up soon.

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  1. I think Jane should be allowed to ride the bike inside the house until Spring. That's my opinion. teehee :)