Monday, January 24, 2011

Deep Thoughts while viewing The Bachelor...sort of.

I created this post a while back and just couldn't let this Bachelor season pass without letting it fly.  To all my Bachelor lovers, this one's for you!

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Thought #1: Michelle: when they scripted the villian, no one else held a candle.
Thought #2:  Who's decorating this set? Seriously, take a look at the background next time.
Thought #3:  Are dresses really this short in real life?
Thought #4:  Is crying on departure a requirement?
Thought #5:  Thank you, Lord, I didn't have to go on national television to find my husband.
Thought #6:  Thank you, Lord, some are willing to.
Thought #7:  Am I losing brain cells with every viewing? Bread Winner, don't answer that.
Thought #8:  Brad = Bachelor 2 times? Brad = Big ratings.
Thought #9:   If I smile uncomfortably the whole time I watch it, do I stop watching?
Thought #10: Who's in for next Monday night?  Gieg? Sarah? Ruth? Amanda?

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